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Targeted Titles & Topics July 2022 Programming

Critical Issues Facing
Senior Facilities Officers

July 27-29, 2022 | Hilton Chicago O’Hare Airport | Chicago, Illinois

The Future of Work

As the influential Baby Boomer generation continues to retire in record numbers, a new generation steps up to lead. This demographic shift has created a period of great change in organizational structure and consumer behavior. Hierarchies are flattening, networks are being created, the traditional “American Dream” is being challenged, and constant disruption is forcing established industries to work harder to remain relevant. The time has come to challenge conventional thinking and explore bold new approaches to relationship building in the face of disruption and shifting demographics. Creating more empathetic, personal, and customized experiences is more important than ever. Supported by cutting-edge research and category-leading case studies, this program will take a deep dive into the evolving expectations of employees and consumers. 
Presenter: Kim Lear, Inlay Insights

Skills & Future of Workforce

The need for reskilling and upskilling in facilities management is critical. We have an aging workforce, difficulty recruiting and retaining skilled trades, and losing much front-line staff to other local employment opportunities. Yet, there is an ongoing need for professional staff training at every level, some driven by evolving technologies, increasing complexities of our services, and the shifting expectations of those we serve. In addition, we must focus on enhancing everyone’s soft or essential skills, those uniquely “human” skills such as listening and effective communication, critical thinking, interpersonal relationship-building, active learning, and curiosity. It’s the power of the “people factor” in the workplace. Come explore the impact of accelerating change and its effect on the facilities management organization and its staff.
Presenters: Lander Medlin, APPA President & CEO

Financial/Budget Frameworks: University of Minnesota Budget Model Evolution & Impacts on Facilities Management

The University of Minnesota has evolved its budget process over the years to a full revenue and cost allocation model. In this presentation, we will review the drivers for the budget model changes and how Facilities Management influences this process. We will also discuss how FM has adapted and aligned services levels and customer expectations to available funding. 
Presenters: Bill Paulus, Associate Vice President/Chief of Facilities; University of Minnesota -Twin Cities; Jim Jackson, Associate Vice-Chancellor, University of Operations, University of Nebraska / Lincoln & APPA Past President

Toward Carbon Neutrality in Higher Education – The Institutional Decarbonization Journey

The growing majority of institutions aspire to reach carbon neutrality – yet the journey can be arduous. Innovative conversations are necessary with all stakeholders, ensuring concise policy and planning is in development, and strategic operations leaders and students are engaged in paving the way to achieving carbon neutrality. Learn from Morgan State University’s experience and journey to work across stakeholders to gain buy-in for sustainability and carbon neutrality goals and how to turn those goals into action.
Presenters: Sidney Evans, Jr., Executive Vice President for Finance & Administration, Morgan State University; Ari Kobb, Efficiency & Sustainability Head, Siemens Smart Infrastructure

Globally Green: Conversation with APPA’s International Strategic Alliance Partners

Let’s Open the Conversation on Institutional DEI

To truly advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), stakeholders from across our campuses must come together transparently and collaboratively as a community. As leaders within our organizations, we find ourselves with a unique opportunity to drive conversations at every level of our organization. Join us for an enlightening session and conversation.
Presenter: Dr. Dana L. Gillon, Director of Operations & Faculty Development, Carle Illinois College of Medicine

DEI: From Thin Words to Thick Action

Today’s demands for truly inclusive institutions would have baffled administrators of earlier genera­tions.  Yet what we do understand now is that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is rooted in the deepest-held values of higher education: excellence, integrity, respect, responsibility, and community. This presentation will highlight the discussions, questions, and recommendations published in APPA’s 2022 Thought Leaders report, From Thin Words to Thick Action: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
Presenter: Lander Medlin, APPA President & CEO

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