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List Guidelines: APPAinfo

APPAinfo, the e-mail discussion list hosted by APPA, provides a forum in which members can read about professional facilities-related issues and post their own questions or responses. If you have already subscribed, you may post a question or comment to appainfo@lyris.appa.org.

In order to maintain a productive forum and to protect our mailboxes from overflowing, there are posting guidelines. Send questions, suggestions, and comments about the guidelines to the APPAinfo List Manager, Steve Glazner.

Please DO post your succinct questions and answers, announcements about events, and your input on discussions of workplace issues. As long as the topic is facilities-related, and your TOPIC clearly defined in your SUBJECT line, it is acceptable (exceptions noted below).


When replying to a specific post, only quote the portions that are absolutely necessary to help the reader and delete the rest. For example, do not include the previous poster's message, six-line signature file, or their personal quote for the day.

A List Manager monitors the list. Please do not take it upon yourself to respond to any offending individuals. The List Manager will do his best to curb any disruptive behavior.

Finally, please remember that these guidelines have been compiled to help facilitate productive interactions on APPAinfo. Comments or questions should be sent to the List Manager at steve@appa.org. Thank you!