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ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 Town Hall Meeting Webinar (Eyewash and Shower Standard)

The APPA Standards and Codes Council invites you to a 1-hour “Town Hall Meeting” on Friday, March 13th, regarding the International Safety Equipment Association/ISEA’s decision to reaffirm the standard rather than revise it. Background Members of the panel who will speak during this Town Hall were present at a face-to-face meeting on December 2, 2016, with the committee considering changes to the standard. Since that time, there has been no action on the revision.

ISEA announced through ANSI Standards Action they were withdrawing the PINS (Project Initiation Notice System) for revision, and through communication with ISEA APPA has learned that they are resubmitting the PINS for reaffirmation (no changes to the document). The results of a survey conducted by APPA to its members determined that changes were needed to the standard, in particular the frequency of testing and date of the study for which this standard has been based (approximately 40 years old).

Panelists: Markus Schaufele, MS, CSP, Northwestern University; Samuella B. Sigmann, Appalachian State University; and Mary Beth Koza, University of North Carolina (retired)