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APPA Webinar: Energy Efficiency – Simple Term. Many Solutions

Today, the utility sector faces many challenges in a rapidly evolving world. Leading those challenges are energy efficiency programs, reduced capital and operating budgets, grid modernization initiatives, integrating renewables, and lastly, digital transformation or digitalization. Some results of digitalization, such as better visibility of operational health, optimizing equipment performance, improved data handling, as well as the integration of next-generation technologies play a central role in this new and more energy-efficient focused world. In a well-established industry segment such as the utility sector; consistently maintaining or improving performance while continuously reducing energy costs is no easy feat. In this scenario, technology and data undoubtedly become your biggest ally. And, as systems become more complex, leveraging that technology and data with enhanced algorithms to improve human analysis and decision-making processes, allows us to take advantage of the digital tsunami we are experiencing today. The webinar will address best practices to operate a utility based on energy efficiency and operational intelligence. Different methodologies of engineering modeling and software development to provide plant and facility optimization solutions are among the topics to be presented.

Learning Objectives:
1. How to identify plant gaps and create a cohesive action plan based on those opportunities.
2. Define business requirements and scope for addressing equipment and technology optimization to support a robust energy efficiency program
3. Understand the importance of leveraging historical data, scenario modeling, and analytics strategies to evaluate and apply optimal equipment settings during operations
4. Develop a big-picture strategy to leverage and overcome the use of specialized, technology and data systems that do not easily share information across departments and impede the flow of energy-related information for critical decision-making

Presenter: Doug Sinclair, Business Development Director, Radix