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Webinar: Managing Risks & Taking Advantage of Opportunities in the Volatile Natural Gas Market

The natural gas market continues to evolve, with increased exports and ever-growing consumption from the industrial and power generation sectors pulling on domestic supply. Despite all-time record production in 2018, natural gas storage inventories were at a 16-year low heading into last winter, leading to a spike to almost $5 per MMBtu in benchmark natural gas. In the Pacific Northwest, consumers were faced with natural gas costs of over $100 per MMBtu in the wake of a British Columbia pipeline explosion last October. Additional pipeline constraints and maintenance along the West Coast created elevated pricing and volatility in California markets, as well. Meanwhile, in other parts of the Southwest, local pipeline systems have become flooded with associated natural gas from booming crude oil production in the Permian Basin, leading to sub-$1 per MMBtu or in some cases even negative pricing.
Join Andy Huenefeld on May 30 as he recaps the developments of the past year, offers Kinect Energy’s view on the markets going forward, and discusses some best practices on how your University can take advantage of market opportunities and remain isolated from growing upside risks.
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Andy Huenfeld, Director, Price Risk Management, Kinect Energy Group

As today’s natural gas and electric power markets continue to evolve and become more complex, having insight into what your campus can anticipate in 2019 and beyond relative to energy expenditure is crucial. Andy follows the many drivers that impact near and long-term energy costs. He is responsible for helping clients navigate the volatility of energy markets through the use of a variety of risk management tools. Andy brings years of energy management expertise. Before getting his start in energy, Andy had a background in financial services. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in finance from the University of Louisville.

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