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Pathway to Professionalism (P2P)

September 12-14, 2023, co-located with APPA U
Indianapolis, Indiana

Presented by Steve Peary, CEFP, University of Vermont

APPA’s Pathway to Professionalism (P2P) provides a convenient and cost-effective way to ensure your employees receive relevant training from experts in the facilities management field. With P2P, you have access to APPA’s Customized Interactive Learning (CIL) platform and resources coupled with on-site or online instructor-led training at your institution. Your team will be able to learn from their colleagues in real-world discussions that are directly related to their daily work.

Organizational Development & Team Building

With APPA’s P2P program, you’ll be able to provide a richer professional development opportunity for your team.
• Employees learn about aspects of the industry that their current jobs and experience would otherwise not provide with a standardized offering;
• Employees view the program as a demonstration of your institution’s commitment to their ongoing development;
• By including technical service workers or outside facilities customers breaks down barriers between FM staff and other workers, creating a shared sense of respect of responsibilities as well as understanding;
• A broader understanding of concepts in the Body of Knowledge based on the reality of your team’s specific workplace leads to a better understanding of the organization as whole.

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