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Webinar: Preparing your campus’s OT and IT systems to support the widespread deployment of smart buildings initiatives

Penn State University has deployed a managed edge compute platform that enables the university to enhance facilities management programs in a secure and efficient manner. In the webinar, PSU will outline its efforts to test several new approaches and tools designed to help accelerate wide-spread adoption of data-driven facilities management technologies across 600+ campus buildings. Learning Objectives: 1. Provide attendees with an overview of the new tools and approaches PSU is deploying and testing to collect and analyze data drawn from 600+ buildings and share the data across University Departments. 2. Provide an overview of the system architecture PSU is using to create and manage its Building operations data lake. 3. Summarize lessons learned regarding implementing adequate cybersecurity for campus networks. 4. Summarize lessons-learned associated with respect to efforts to apply machine learning to automate point mapping.