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The Briefings: Living Victoriously in the Aftermath of a Tragedy


The Virginia Center for School and Campus Safety is pleased to partner with the Maryland Center for School Safety,  Koshka Foundation for Safe Schools, and Safe and Sound Schools to offer “The Briefings: Living Victoriously in the Aftermath of a Tragedy”.  This one-day event will bring together local educators, law enforcement, and other school safety stakeholders to hear compelling first hand stories about resiliency, suicide prevention and trauma-informed care from individuals who have responded to and experienced school violence first-hand through the Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Sandy Hook shooting events.  This symposium will highlight the importance of leadership, training and preparation, steps to create preventative solutions, and guidance on creating immediate and long term recovery plans. Attendees will receive tangible resources for school safety initiatives and hear personal accounts from survivors of three national tragedies.

Who should attend?

Law enforcement officers; campus staff including police and campus security officers; campus threat assessment team members and counseling staff; K-12 school resource officers and school security officers, and K-12 staff including school administrators, K-12 threat assessment team members, and school counselors; juvenile detention center staff and juvenile probation officers, and other school safety stakeholders. 

Topics to be addressed:

  • Recovery
  • Resiliency
  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Trauma Response
  • Self Care and Student Support

Featured Speakers:

  • Kristina Anderson, Founder, Koshka Foundation for Safe Schools
  • Frank DeAngelis, Retired Principal of Columbine High School
  • Michele Gay, Co-Founder, Safe and Sound Schools
  • Natalie Hammond, former Lead Teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary
  • Lisa Hamp, School Safety Advocate and Virginia Tech Tragedy Survivor
  • Patrick Ireland, Columbine High School Graduate
  • Melissa Reeves, Special Education Teacher, Counselor and Author
  • Horacio Sanchez, President, Resiliency Inc.

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