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Webinar: Additive Manufacturing Combustible Dust Hazards: Properly Protecting 3D Printers + Makerspaces

The use of 3D printing began three decades ago as a rapid-prototyping technology and has evolved and expanded to use in numerous industries, as well as by home hobbyists and in retail stores, schools, museums and public libraries. It’s a flexible platform that can produce customized objects with high complexity, where changes in design and production can be made through the computer model data and printer parameters. The technology is also highly accessible and relatively affordable, contributing to its rapid deployment from the workplace to homes, schools and other settings.
Learning Objectives:
1. Identify the 5 components of a combustible dust explosion
2. Understand building code requirements for AM
3. Identify some of the unique fire and explosion hazards associated with AM.
4. Describe some of the design-based protection methods available for AM
5. Describe some of the operation-based protection methods available for AM.

Presenter: CHRIS UNANGST, PE, CSP, Senior Engineer, JENSEN HUGHES