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Webinar: Developing Mold Literacy: Lessons Learned from the Mold Crisis on Campus

In 2018, record breaking rain, heat and humidity contributed to incidences of surface mold across the county. When mold is discovered in environments where college tuition-paying students live, study, eat and sleep, the stakes and public pressure are intensified. In the aftermath of the media’s publicized mold crisis, affected campuses have made simple changes, to increase the communication required to tackle this common building challenge. By leveraging the lessons learned from major mold events and placing an emphasis on developing “mold literacy,” this session will focus on the strategies you can implement year round to transition from a passively-transparent, to a proactively-visible, mold management culture. Learning Objectives: 1. Demonstrate how mold information curated during the crisis phase, can benefit your institution’s mold prevention and management all year long. 2. Identify the key components of a comprehensive Mold Management Plan. 3. Discover how basic training for staff and occupants can promote better outcomes for prevention and early discovery. 4. Demonstrate the importance of developing contingencies for dehumidification.