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Facilities Symposium Programming – January 27

APPA Facilities Symposium
January 25 – 27, 2021

January 27, 2021 | 11:00am – 12:15pm EST | Educational Offerings

Can I Trust You? Do You Trust Me?
Shawna Code, Director, Weber State University
Work gets done with and through people, and there is nothing more impactful on interpersonal relationships than the level of trust that exists.  Join us as we expand on the importance of trust within your relationships (both professional and personal!) and leave with actionable steps you can put to work immediately.

Fire & Life Safety
Mike Halligan, Engineering Manager North America, Underwriters Laboratories
Join us for a conversation around fire detection and suppression systems, exit and emergency lighting systems, and other fire and life safety systems related to educational facilities. Discussions will emphasize installation, modernization, codes, testing, and inspection.

Metrics, Informatics & Performance
Chris Smeds, Director of Technology & Innovation at University of Virginia
Modern facilities organizations are awash in a sea of data – from financial to work management, geospatial to building controls, organizations are collecting vast amounts of data. However, organizations often use that data as a record of past outcomes rather than as a tool that supports forward-looking organizational decision-making. This session will discuss how organizations can address this issue and begin to use their data effectively. Topics will include data, metrics, KPIs, benchmarking (including APPA’s Facilities Performance Indicators), and APPA’s newly launched initiative on Facilities Informatics.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Energy and Utilities But Were Afraid to Ask!
Doug Litwiller, Manager, Business Development, Building Maintenance Optimization Consultants, Inc.
Taking part in conversations related to the world of “energy and utilities” requires learning the language just like learning a foreign language.  The presentation will provide a high-level overview of the more common energy and utility-related terminology and concepts that relate to basic campus operations so you can feel more comfortable “talking the talk” and, more importantly, understanding the “talk”.  WARNING FOR ENERGY AND UTILITY EXPERTS: This course has been designed for individuals that are either new to the world of “energy and utilities” and those that interact with E&U “experts” from time-to-time and would like to understand what in the world they are talking about and those that need a refresher!

Terrorism, Man-Made Threats, & Natural Disasters: Evaluating The Effectiveness of Risk Management Strategies
Emeka Anaza, Ph.D., Associate Professor, James Madison University; Dr. Angela Hayslett,  Lecturer, Hart School of Hospitality, Sport, and Recreation Management
Join us as findings on risk management strategies are shared & utilized by NCAA athletic facility managers and the managers’ perception of each strategy’s effectiveness to reduce risk. Research findings show that out of 34 of Pantera et al.’s (2003) risk management strategies, the only one that all 113 athletic facility managers identified as using is “having an athletic trainer or medical doctor onsite.” Of all strategies that are used, many are perceived as effective, like having “a central command to coordinate security responses.” Whereas others may occasionally lack perceived effectiveness like “signage detailing security practices and restricted items.” For facility managers to reduce risk, they should understand which risk management strategies are used and

January 27, 2021 | 12:30pm – 1:00pm EST | APPA TALK

If You Can’t Stand Up, Stand Out
Mike Schlappi
A story that began with a tragic shooting accident has evolved into a lifetime of lessons and victories. Although Mike Schlappi was paralyzed, his dreams were not because If You Can’t Stand Up, Stand Out!

January 27, 2021| 1:15pm – 2:30pm EST | Educational Offerings

Best Practices for Plant Organization & Operations
Jeff Zumwalt, SVP Higher Education, Cenergistic
Join us as we examine “best practices” related to procuring, generating, and distributing utilities.  The session will begin with a review of all activities necessary for successful plant operation.  It will then focus on a few effective strategies for dealing with recent challenges in the utility environment. This class will utilize a big picture approach to best plant practices, including using Standard Operating Procedures to capture every required in a utility plant and assign responsibilities.  This concept could be applied to other areas of facilities management.

Customer Service
Erik Cagle, Manager, Custodial Operations, Pennsylvania State University
Effective customer communication is essential for a successful facilities management organization.  Discuss who the customers are, how we understand their expectations, and the steps we take to meet those expectations.  Explore customer surveys, communication methods, training in customer service, and how to market the facilities organization.

January 27, 2021 | 2:45pm – 4:00pm EST | Educational Offerings

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – M3
Ana Thiemer, Associate Director – Planning & Project Services, University of Texas/Austin
Assets can be a piece of equipment to a system, to an entire facility or infrastructure project. Join us as APPA explores the critical importance of the Total Cost of Ownership.  This program is recommended for all levels of the facilities organization allowing everyone to be ‘on the same page’ with a common basic understanding of the goals and benefits. The course will introduce you to the specifics of the APPA 1000™ Total Cost of Ownership principles and how TCO is scalable and applicable to all your assets, from a single asset to your entire portfolio.

Return to Spring Semester & New Face of COVID
David L Handwork; Assistant Vice Chancellor of Facilities Management, Arkansas State University; Corey Metzger, Founding Principal of Resource Consulting Engineers, LLC & ASHRAE Instructor
Abstract Pending.

Data, Dashboards & Decisions
Joe Whitefield, Assistant Vice President, Middle Tennessee State University; Benjamin A. Lynch, Engineering Services – Facilities Department, Middle Tennessee State University
One university’s experience utilizing business intelligence software to access and assimilate facilities data from multiple systems/platforms.  This integration is providing useful analytics leading to informed decision making and better resource management.

What Should You Be Discussing With Your Business Officer
Lander Medlin, Executive Vice President, APPA