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Facilities Symposium Programming – March 31 (ARCHIVES)

APPA Facilities Symposium
March 31 – April 2, 2021

March 31, 2021 | 11:00am – 12:15pm EST | Educational Offerings

Challenging Personnel: What to Do?
Lynne Finn, AVP Facilities Management, University of Iowa
This class discusses the 10 categories of “difficult” people, looking at the reasons why they are the way they are, and provides some strategies for working with each group. Relates to the “whys” of decision-making or actions.
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Healthy Buildings – Mitigating Risks Associated with Re-Occupancy in the Wake of COVID-19
Jim Mandeville , Senior Project Manager, Large Loss, FirstOnSite; Jason McGonigle, Environmental Health and Safety Principal, Golder’s Group
We’re all guilty of living in the moment and rising and falling on daily news in these pandemic times. What many of us neglect, or do not overtly consider is; What do we need to do, and when do we need to do it to be ready to re-occupy and return to a pre-pandemic normal, specifically when we think about facilities that have been vacant or very lightly used during these strange times? Large buildings are like people; They have complex systems that keep the elements out, like our skin. They have other systems that deliver power and connectivity, supply and remove water and wastewater. Much like our bodies these systems can begin to atrophy when we don’t exercise them regularly. During this conversation, we will openly discuss some “warm-up” steps we need to take to get those buildings back in game shape and ready for the “new normal”. Simple things like regular extensive inspections during the vacancy, and flushing of potable water systems through more complex responses like inspections maintenance and cleaning of heating and cooling systems and potential modifications to entry systems and traffic flows. Joins us for this interactive discussion about Healthy Buildings. The new normal will require a thorough warm-up as well as a rethink of what we did before, to get facilities ready for what lies ahead.
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APPA Operational Guidelines – Grounds What’s New?
Marc Fournier, Arborist/Horticulturist, The Trustees of Reservations Mytoi Japanese Gardens; Brandon Rux, Assistant Director of Buildings & Landscape Services, University of Chicago
Today’s grounds manager has to be a scientist, a psychologist, an artist and designer, a business administrator, and an astute politician. Joins us as we discuss what has changed in the latest edition of  APPA’s Custodial Guidelines and how to provide grounds managers with many of the resources necessary for efficient and effective operations.
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Building Commissioning
Doug Litwiller, Manager, Business Development, Building Maintenance Optimization Consultants, Inc.
Learn about the process of building commissioning, why it is necessary, and how it helps deliver fully functional facilities. Discuss the process from project programming through design, construction, and occupancy, operation, and maintenance. Review the costs and benefits of commissioning and explore how to tailor the commissioning process to the way an institution does business.
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Connections, Space & Place … Important Now More Than Ever
Lander Medlin, Executive Vice President, APPA
This year’s NEW Thought Leaders Series (TLS) 2021 topic is, Connections, Space & Place…Important Now More Than Ever. This session represents a ‘sneak preview’ of the monograph’s content which will be coming out later this summer. The focus will be on how our institutions embrace the most diverse incoming class in higher education history—and the vanguard of an increasingly diverse generation. Some of the existing students have spent some or all of their academic careers in the middle of a pandemic. However, we are also focusing on those we are seeking to recruit in the next several years. We will explore who these students are along with their needs and expectations. We will also address ways we can increasingly use and connect space and the sense of place more intentionally to ensure our institution’s competitive advantage. We all recognize higher education faces even more challenges and demands. We must find ways to adapt and become even more flexible to a new and different set of expectations from future students.
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March 31, 2021 | 12:30pm – 1:00pm EST | APPA TALK

Be Your Own Real-Life Superhero
Sam Glenn
“Lookup in the air, it’s a bird, it’s a plane…no wait…it’s Sam Glenn…I mean Batman!” If you could be any superhero, who would you be? Learn to recognize our inner superhero. Real-life superheroes don’t wear capes. (However, they are optional on Fridays or casual days.) Each of us has the ability to make a positive impact with the superpowers we have. Being a real-life superhero isn’t like the movies, it’s about doing the little things with a superhero attitude.

Being a real-life superhero…
• Means you may not get credit for your efforts, but you keep doing your best anyway.
• Is about looking for opportunities to contribute, take initiative and help out.
• Is about setting an example that others will want to follow and replicate.
• Is knowing that you are going to encounter adversities, villains with bad attitudes, and situations that will test your superhero spirit.
• Is about being resilient, courageous, and optimistic.
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March 31, 2021 | 1:15pm – 2:30pm EST | Educational Offerings

Can I Trust You? Do You Trust Me?
Shawna Code, Director, Weber State University
Work gets done with and through people, and there is nothing more impactful on interpersonal relationships than the level of trust that exists.  Join us as we expand on the importance of trust within your relationships (both professional and personal!) and leave with actionable steps you can put to work immediately.
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FPI 2.0 – A New Spin on Data
Ted Weidner, Ph.D., PE, RA, NCARB, DBIA, F.ASCE, Associate Professor Of Practice, Purdue University; Christina Hills, Director of Credentialing & Benchmarking
APPA’s Facility Performance Indicators Survey and Report (FPI) has been available for years to provide metrics about the campus’s facilities and operations. The data is not changing, but the ways to enter and display the data are changing to utilize modern tools. The presentation will demonstrate the latest survey and reporting tools and help participants identify ways to measure the changing status of their facilities.
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Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Facilities Professionals
Chris Smeds, Director of Technology & Innovation, University of Virginia
Today’s facilities management organizations depend on computers, networks, and information technology to accomplish their mission. This elective will discuss the critical role that cybersecurity plays in ensuring facilities management organizations can meet their service obligations. Cybersecurity topics discussed include the critical role(s) IT plays in an FM organization’s success; cyber risk assessment and contingency planning; cybersecurity practices for end-users; cybersecurity best practices for organizations; cybersecurity for building automation systems.
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Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: How To Be A Chameleon Within Educational Facilities
Andy Feick, Associate Vice President for Sustainable Facilities Operations and Capital Planning, Swarthmore College;
Patty Smith, Director of Facilities, Cabrini University; Julius Williams, Administrative Coordinator Environmental Division, Prince William County Schools; Jessica Abbott, Director of Facilities, Wolcott Public Schools

Ever wonder what it’s like to work for a private university, a public university, or a K-12 school district? The differences between a profit and not-for-profit institution? Come listen to this panel discussion featuring ERAPPA members talking about their experiences making the transition from one educational sector to another.
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March 31, 2021 | 2:45pm – 4:00pm EST | Educational Offerings

We Are All Valuable Customers
Erik Cagle, Manager, Custodial Operations, Pennsylvania State University
Effective customer communication is essential for a successful facilities management organization. Discuss who the customers are, how we understand their expectations, and the steps we take to meet those expectations. Explore customer surveys, communication methods, training in customer service, and how to market the facilities organization.
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Campus Safety & Security
Dr. Joseph K. Han, Chief Transformation Catalyst, The Nunchi Group
Join us as we address the unique challenges of managing campus security and security programs. Topics will include such safety issues as lighting, communication systems, pedestrian safety, safe rides, broadcast alert systems, student activism, campus police models, and emergency telephones. Campus safety is always at the forefront of higher education leadership. Participate in discussions of new safety initiatives occurring on campuses.
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Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – M1
Ana Thiemer, Associate Director – Planning & Project Services, University of Texas/Austin
Assets can be a piece of equipment to a system, to an entire facility, or an infrastructure project. Join us as APPA explores the critical importance of the Total Cost of Ownership. This program is recommended for all levels of the facilities organization allowing everyone to be ‘on the same page with a common basic understanding of the goals and benefits. The course will introduce you to the specifics of the APPA 1000™ Total Cost of Ownership principles and how TCO is scalable and applicable to all your assets, from a single asset to your entire portfolio.
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Managing In House Construction Services
Mark Stanis, Director for Construction & Renovation Services, University of Virginia; Bree Knick, Associate Director for Construction and Renovation Services, University of Virginia
Discuss effective processes and procedures for providing in-house construction services. Review staffing and organization, workload management and leveling, budgeting, recharge rate structures, billing procedures, and productivity and incentives to perform.
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