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Facilities Symposium Programming – November 16

APPA Facilities Symposium
November 16-18, 2020

November 16, 2020 | 11:00am – 12:15pm EST | Educational Offerings

Preparing the Student of 2024
Lander Medlin, Executive Vice President, APPA
We are seeing that students entering higher education in the next decade, being the most diverse incoming class in higher education history—and the vanguard of an increasingly diverse generation. They will have been raised with technology from birth and will consider online interaction as natural as breathing. They will be alert to the importance of mental health and wellness, both in themselves and in their peers. They will have a low tolerance for slow administrative processes. They will expect their professors to teach in engaging, interactive ways and make smart use of technology. They will expect a lot of themselves. They will expect a lot of their institutions. They will know what they are paying for their education, and they will demand every penny’s worth. Is today’s campus ready for these students? The answer: Yes—and no. Higher education is moving in the right direction, but it faces unprecedented demands and challenges. We are only now beginning to understand that the old normal is never coming back. We must find ways to adapt to a new normal and a new set of expectations from our future students.
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Design Standards
Steve Thweatt, University of Colorado (Retired)
Learn how to communicate to the design consultant your campus needs in a new or renovated building. Review how to develop a set of institutional guidelines and standards for design consultants to utilize in the design of a campus project and how to contractually bind the consultant to your guidelines and standards. Discuss how to create feedback loops, for revisions to the standards, from the maintenance and custodial organizations and other stakeholders.
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Leverage Your Assets
Chuck Farnsworth, Senior Educational Director, APPA
The strongest institutional communities rise to daily challenges when there is a strong, trusting leadership team operating at their highest potential.  Let’s explore the value of all of our assets – financial, facilities & human capital.  Many of our campus environments are at a crossroads in light of the current issues we are facing and now is the time to engage.
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November 16, 2020 | 12:30pm – 1:45pm EST | Educational Offerings

You Got This: Motivation & Performance
Dave Patten, Business Operations Manager, Weber State University
Join us for an informative session on motivation and performance centering around new ideas about employee engagement. Review of the basics which are often overlooked, then exploring exciting ways to engage employees. Organizing work in ways that are mutually beneficial to the employee and employer. 
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Preventative/Predictive Maintenance
Chris Smeds, Director of Technology & Innovation, University of Virginia
A comprehensive maintenance program relies on an effective approach to preventive and predictive maintenance. This session will address the key elements in establishing a preventive maintenance program and explore the challenges and benefits of sustaining the program.
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Total Cost of Ownership – Module 1
Ana Thiemer, Associate Director – Planning & Project Services, University of Texas/Austin
Assets can be a piece of equipment to a system, to an entire facility or infrastructure project. Join us as APPA explores the critical importance of the Total Cost of Ownership.  This program is recommended for all levels of the facilities organization allowing everyone to be ‘on the same page’ with a common basic understanding of the goals and benefits. The course will introduce you to the specifics of the APPA 1000™ Total Cost of Ownership principles and how TCO is scalable and applicable to all your assets, from a single asset to your entire portfolio.
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The Adaptation of Smart Campus: A Supply Chain Strategy
Moderator: Steve Anson, Vice President Vertical Markets, Anixter
Panelists: Emmanuel HR Daniel, Director Smart Buildings & Campuses, Microsoft; Sabrina Hebler, Infrastructure Planning & Facilities, Michigan State University (Previously); Rob Murchison, Parter & CoFounder, Intelligent Buildings; Lander Medlin, Executive Vice President, APPA; Rick Huijbregts, Digitial Transformation & Innovation, George Brown College

University leaders and faculty are currently adapting their campuses to accommodate a phased evolution of the workplace. As institutions face a broad range of challenges, from closed facilities to weakened financial positions, the benefits of a smart campus approach to continue operations is top of mind with university leadership. Educational institutions will pivot to new policies, processes and strategies, with an opportunity to create a safer campus experience for students and faculty. Join this virtual town hall meeting with a panel of industry experts for a conversation around the adaptation of smart campus infrastructure, where we will discuss:
– Return to campus strategies;
– Redefining purpose of campus facilities;
– Balancing physical, digital, and experiential learning spaces;
– Dimensions of student success;
-Leveraging existing campus real estate;
-Empowering facilities staff with technology engagement;
-Facilities role in student retention, recruitment, and enrollment;
– Preparing the campus for an uncertain future;
-Innovation and transformation of educational facilities
– What’s in it for the STUDENT
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November 16, 2020 | 2:00pm – 3:15pm EST | Educational Offerings

Project Management
Mary Vosevich, Vice President, Facilities Management, University of Kentucky
Project management isn’t just about construction but is useful in any project that you are doing. This class will provide an overview of the five process groups of Project Management – initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing – and the project manager’s roles and responsibilities.
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COVID-19: HVAC Conversations with ASHRAE
David L Handwork; Assistant Vice Chancellor of Facilities Management, Arkansas State University; Corey Metzger, Founding Principal of Resource Consulting Engineers, LLC & ASHRAE Instructor
Join us as we share updates from APPA’s August Town Hall conversations with one of our key strategic partners, ASHRAE around the continuing support of the profession in the battle against COVID-19.
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In House Construction Services
Mark Stanis, Director for Construction & Renovation Services, University of Virginia; Bree Knick, Associate Director for Construction and Renovation Services, University of Virginia
Discuss effective processes and procedures for providing in-house construction services.  Review staffing and organization, workload management and leveling, budgeting, recharge rate structures, billing procedures, and productivity and incentives to perform.
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IT Meets OT For An IoT Strategy
Rob Murchison, CO-Founder, Intelligent Buildings
Participate in this informative discussion focused on leading your organization through transformation, disruptive, and accelerating change.  See how we explore the conversation on how owns the technology, who’s responsible for it, and much more!  
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November 16, 2020 | 3:30pm – 4:00pm EST | APPA TALK

Stepping Into Your Organization’s Health Dilemma
Dr. Will Miller
The American Lifestyle continues to be radically transformed by the destabilizing effects of our high tech lifestyle. No facet is immune to the significant health consequences that overwhelm us. Correlations are rightly made between our personal and professional communication technologies and a wide variety of mental health problems. Many of your staff members may be doing well, but stressed by mental health challenges at home and in their local communities. Across all demographics, America’s social isolation has wrought damaging consequences including epidemics of depression, anxiety, addiction, and suicides. We do know we cannot assume the smiling ‘game faces’ tell the story of your people. Taking the best care of them is worth its weight in gold!
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