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International Mail Services

Central Mail Services at Kansas State University is committed to providing services for our university departments that will save them postage dollars. To that end, we extended an RFP for bids from companies that provide consolidation services for international mail. We began our relationship with the successful bidder on December 11, 1998.

In the following 11 months, we have saved university departments almost 33% in postage on their international mail, amounting to $21,780. No additional labor hours were required. The labor was simply shifted from metering the international mail to packaging it for shipment to our consolidator.

We opted not to utilize direct injection postage savings opportunities. Instead we only use those international services provided by the United States Postal Service. This is a conservative decision on our part, to protect our KSU mail. The benefit to this is that we have only had one piece of mail that came back undeliverable and we have received almost no complaints about problems with international mail delivery.


Loleta Sump
Public Service Administrator II
Kansas State University
phone: 785-532-6373