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FPI Report

The 2018-19 APPA Facilities Performance Indicators Report


Accessing the FPI Report:

The 2018-19 FPI Report is available to access or purchase

To access the current report (free to APPA members who ALSO participated in the survey)
or purchase your 2018-19 FPI report, please log in to your myAPPA account page and under the myAPPA Workspace/myResearch heading, you should click the link titled, “FPI Report Access”. A new page will then populate allowing you to obtain access to the 2018-19 FPI report. Please continue to follow the instructions for obtaining access to your report.
Did you forget or do you need to reset your APPA ID and/or password?
Do you need to set up your account with APPA? 

For additional assistance, contact APPA staff member Christina Hills

Pricing for the FPI Report:

APPA Institutional Member/Survey Participant Report: Free
APPA Institutional Member/Non-survey Participant Report: $500.00
APPA Institutional Non-member/Survey Participant Report: $895.00

View or download the 2018-19 FPI Summary Report

If you have any questions or comments about the FPI Report, please contact APPA staff member Christina Hills at [email protected]