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Military Transition Subcommittee

Civilian and Military men shaking hands

Continue Your Service in Educational Facilities

Subcommittee Charge: To engage in a long-term relationship with military personnel and their respective association(s) in the USA and Canada that aides in their transition to civilian facilities management roles in Educational Facilities (should they so choose).

Our Goals are to:

1.         Educate the military community on the value of Educational Facilities (for a career);

2.         Educate educational institutions on the value of the military and how to seek veterans (as employees); and,

3.         Relationships/Strategic partnerships.

Chair: Darren Hale

Region: CAPPA

Phone: 512-475-6766


Member: Steven Gasser

Region: RMA

Phone: 403-220-7001


Member: Bill Grip

Phone: 609- 734-8193