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Five Campuses Recognized for Effective and Innovative Practices

July 20, 2012, Alexandria VA APPA is pleased to recognize five universities as recipients of the 2012 Effective and Innovative Practices Award, which demonstrates how facilities practices can directly benefit an educational institution.

This year’s winners include University of Texas at Austin for “Warm Up

Program for Custodial Services”; University of North Carolina at Charlotte for “Removing/reducing the size of the bin has created less trash, more recycling, efficient housekeeping and a ‘greener’ UNC Charlotte campus”; University of Iowa for “The University of Iowa Energy Control Center”; Western Michigan University for “Steam Trap

Management Program”; and Purdue University for “Warehouse and Surplus

Sustainability Program.” Each recipient institution received a $4,000 cash award sponsored by Sodexo (SDXAY:OTC US).

“APPA's Effective & Innovative Practices Award recognizes new or restructured programs and processes that enhance service delivery, lower costs, increase productivity, improve customer service, generate revenue, or otherwise benefit the educational institution,” said David Cain, APPA’s Vice President, Professional Affairs, and the chair of the Awards and Recognition Committee.  “The winning submissions are a testament that a little creativity and innovation can make a real difference to a campus’ quality of life and the institution’s bottom line.”

The awards were presented on Wednesday, July 18, during APPA’s Awards and Recognition program at the APPA 2012 Annual Conference and Exposition in Denver. Cain, also of Coconino Community College (Ariz.), and David Gray, 2011-12 APPA President, of Middle State Tennessee University presented the awards.


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