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Institute For Facilities Management Handouts – June, 2024

Institute for Facilities Management – San Antonio, Texas Course Material

As an Institute for Facilities Management registrant, you can download your content material before arrival. Please be advised that APPA will not provide your core or elective material in hard copy in a condensed version to support our sustainability mission. NOTE: You are encouraged to download them before arrival for notetaking. We ask that you check back periodically for those classes still pending faculty release. If, during the downloading process, you experience any technical difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact [email protected].

General Administration Core
Understanding Management Skills Through the MBTI
Managing Difficult Relationships – Handouts
Managing Difficult Relations – Reference Guide
Managing Staff Relations – Handouts
Managing Staff Relations – Self Evaluation
Managing Staff Relations – Sample Interview Questions
Communication Skills for Managers
Financials of Facilities in Higher Education
The Business & Culture of Higher Education
Strategic Planning
Management Sins: A Legal Perspective

Operations & Maintenance Core
Operations & Maintenance Management
Maintenance & Operations of Building Systems
Grounds Maintenance
Custodial Services
Environmental Health & Safety
Contracting for Services
Plant Renewal, Deferred Maintenance & TCO
Reliability Centered Maintenance
Sustainability in O&M
Information Technology in O&M
O&M Services to Campus Customers

Energy & Utilities Core
Energy and Utility Partnerships (NOTE: There will be no handouts for this offering.)
Risk Management
Terms (NOTE: Handouts will be available after the session)
Waters & Sewers
Energy Management
Thermal Production – Heating and Cooling
Thermal Distribution – Heating and Cooling
Fuels & Energy Resources
Business of Utilities
Sustainability for EU
Partnerships & Planning

Planning, Design & Construction Core
Campus Master Planning
Space Planning
Design Project Management
Project Time Management
Construction Contracting
Construction Project Management Slides
Construction Project Management – Workbook

Elective Offerings

315 “Best Practices” for Plant Organization & Operations
401 Disruptive Changes in the Construction Industry
445 Project Commissioning Handouts
445 Project Commissioning Sample Documents
510 Preparing for Career Advancement in Facilities Management (NOTE: There will be no handouts for this offering.)
513 Maintaining Historic Properties
515 Business Communications
520 Project Management
521 APPA 101
526 Waste Management
528 Campus Safety/Security/Emergency Preparedness
541 In-House Construction Services
546 Design Standards
550 Metering, Measuring and Verification
557 Panel Discussion – O&M Trends & Topics (NOTE: There will be no handouts for this offering.)
570 Strategizing for Technology-Driven Disruptive Change
586 Ethics in EU
633 Cybersecurity
653Retro-Comissioning – An O&M Perspective
655 Operations & Maintenance Staffing Guidelines
658 Energy & Utilities Hot Topics (NOTE: There will be no handouts for this offering.)
660 Integrated Capital Planning
700 Navigating the Changing Inclusion Landscape
701 Building Civility in the Workplace
702 AI & Machine Learning