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The facilities profession is constantly changing; it is critical to keep abreast of current trends, technological advancements, best practices and methods to reduce costs and improve operations on campus.

As a CEFP recipient, you have taken the first important step of demonstrating your competence in your field. You have earned the right to use our trademarked acronym, CEFP, with your name. C.E.F.P. are not just letters after your name; they are a recognized sign of professional excellence.

As important as earning your certification, the next step is equally important: Recertification

Why Recertify?

Recertification validates your commitment to the profession, lifelong competency and professional development. When you recertify, you ensure your peers, employer and the public continue to see that you are dedicated to the profession and committed to the gold standards that the CEFP represents. 

In order to maintain your hard-earned credential, we require that you re-certify every four (4) years by demonstrating that you have gained additional knowledge. There are many ways you can do this. We have outlined some of the activities that qualify here, on the Qualifying Activities page.

If you do not renew your CEFP before your renewal date, your certification will expire and you will lose the right to use CEFP after your name. We will remove your name from our website listing, and you will have to purchase the course again and pass the exam to retain the CEFP credential.

To learn more about the recertification requirements, click HERE.  We have created a few easy to use templates you can use as well.  Those can be found HERE.  

How to Recertify?

The CEFP credential must be maintained by earning a combination of 120 points from four (4) categories including Employment, Education, Leadership and Research/Publication. A minimum of 40 points must be earned from the Educational category. The renewal fee is $350.00.

APPA has moved all Recertification Accounts over to the new database!

To access your account, simply sign into your myAPPA account. Then click myAPPA, then click on myCertification, then CEFP Recertification. From there you will need to select ‘Create New Collection’ since this is a new system, but after you do this once you will simply click on ‘Details’ to view your account.

To access your account quickly, or to bookmark it and save it for future access, you can use this link:

Points that were in your old account have been moved over. Keep in mind that we have not been able to automatically populate your records with recent activity because of the conversion to the new database, but we hope to have this function turned back on soon.

November and December 2020’s CEFP Recipients

First NameLast NameOrganizationRegionExam DateState or Province
CraigArthurDalhousie UniversityERAPPA12/31/2020Nova Scotia
BillGoldsbyThe University of MemphisSRAPPA12/28/2020Tennessee
CarlyProvost-RizorUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoMAPPA12/26/2020Illinois
KimEnglishFleming CollegeERAPPA12/22/2020Ontario
SherylLuppinoRadford UniversitySRAPPA12/14/2020Virginia
JosephWachowskiThe University of ChicagoMAPPA12/14/2020Illinois
TerryWilliamsFleming CollegeERAPPA12/11/2020Ontario
TomTimbolUniversity of Texas Southwestern Medical CenterCAPPA12/10/2020Texas
DavidMondtAims Community CollegeRMA12/9/2020Colorado
LisaWalkerUniversity of KentuckySRAPPA12/9/2020Kentucky
MarieWeberTowson UniversityERAPPA12/9/2020Maryland
PatrickDolanUniversity of PennsylvaniaERAPPA12/8/2020Pennsylvania
HeathChilcoateRed Coats, Inc.Bus. Part.12/7/2020Maryland
FabianHinojosMidland CollegeCAPPA12/7/2020Texas
JonathanL’AbbeSouthern New Hampshire UniversityERAPPA12/7/2020New Hampshire
GregSolbergFrederick Community CollegeERAPPA12/7/2020Maryland
JerrySantosBridgewater State UniversityERAPPA11/20/2020Massachusetts
DouglasO’BrienWayne State UniversityMAPPA11/18/2020Michigan
JanelleDowlingColorado State University – Fort CollinsRMA11/2/2020Colorado
MichaelGunsUniversity of DelawareERAPPA11/2/2020Delaware