APPA’s Mexico Initiative
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FM Issue Title
January/February 2019 The Development of ISO Standards for the Unique Needs of Facilities Management
November/December 2018 2018 Editions of Group A I-Codes: Ready for Release
September/October 2018 What Has APPA Done For You Lately?
July/August 2018 NFPA 3000 Standard: Addressing Active Shooter and Hostile Events
May/June 2018 APPA Total Cost of Ownership - A Standard in the Making
March/April 2018 APPA and ASHRAE—A Historic Collaboration
January/February 2018 U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS)
November/December 2017

APPA 1100 Update—Facilities Terms and Definitions Work Group

September/October 2017 The APPA TCO Standard—A Major Step in the Right Direction
July/August 2017 Walking the Fine Line between Classroom Security and Egress: Within NFPA, the Debate Closes
May/June 2017 The Inevitability of Flammable Refrigerants
March/April 2017 The Good News About LOTO
January/February 2017 APPA 1000—Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Work Group Report
December/November 2016 Informatics Moving Forward
September/October 2016 Development of International Standards for Facility Management
July/August 2016 Feature Article The Total Cost of Ownership

July/August 2016

APPA “I Codes” Work Group Responds to Proposed Changes to ICC Fire, Energy Conservation Codes
January/February 2016 Fire Sprinkler System Standards: Are They Meeting Our Expectations?
November/December 2015 ISO 18480 International Standards for Facilities Management
September/October 2015 The APPA Standards Initiative - Creating ANSI Standards for Total Cost of Ownership
May/June 2015

The Future for Gender-Neutral Restrooms

March/April 2015

APPA Welcomes the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

January/February 2015

Campus Lockdown Policies vs. Fire and Life Safety Codes: Are They Compatible?

November/December 2014

Seeing Eye-to-Eye on I-Codes

September/October 2014

First Draft Report on NFPA 13 Released

July/August 2014

APPA’s Codes Work Group Process Works! Group Evaluates Proposed Cleaning Standards

May/June 2014

New Proposed Edition of NFPA 101 Released

March/April 2014

The Growing Mandate for Green Buildings

January/February 2014

Getting Involved with Standards and Codes

November/December 2013

Price Discovery in Workplace Safety

September/October 2013

Current Trends in Commercial Energy Codes

July/August 2013

Reducing Water and Sewer Costs

May/June 2013 APPA Code Advocacy Impacts Campus Fire Officials
March/April 2013

Disrupting the National Electrical Code