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Total Cost of Ownership Work Group Co-chairs


Doug Christensen
In Memoriam


Dana "Deke" Smith
DKS, Inc.


Ana Thiemer
University of Texas - Austin


In July of 2017, the Work Group sent the draft standard out for public review through ANSI's Standards Action. The 60-day public review period closed on September 19. ANSI's Board of Standards Review (BSR) approved APPA 1000TM as an American National Standard (ANS) on December 14th. To purchase a copy of the standard click here to go to the APPA Bookstore.

On September 22, 2017 a Project Initiation Notification (PIN) was published in ANSI's Standard Action for Phase 2 of the standard which will detail data elements and implementation based on the key principles defined in Part 1 of APPA 1000TM - Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for Facilities Management. A call for participation was sent out to APPA members and the Phase 1 work group. The new sub work groups were established and are listed below. The work group held its first meeting in early October to begin working on Phase 2. On April 26 and 27, 2018 the work group will meet at the APPA Headquarters to begin formulating the contents of Phase 2 of APPA 1000TM which will include data elements and implementation guidelines.

The work group was divided into five working subworkgroups: TCO Foundation, TCO Information Gathering, TCO Decision Making, TCO Integrity, and TCO Data & Formulas. The work group also has a resource of subject matter experts (SMEs) for their expertise and input for Phase 2 of this project.


TCO Full Work Group F2F Meeting at APPA Headquarters, Alexandria, VA

April 26-27, 2018

TCO Foundation Sub Work Group
Greg Ceton, CSI - co-leader Nancy Johnson, Facility Matters LLC - co-leader

TCO Information Gathering Sub Work Group
Stephen Harris, University of Texas - co-leader David Handwork, Arkansas State University
Duane Hickling, Hickling & Associates - co-leader Erik Backus, Clarkson University

TCO Decision Making Sub Work Group
Cameron Christensen, Julliard - co-leader Tom Harkenrider, Soka University of America
Jim Whittaker, JLL - co-leader Jack Dempsey, Definitive Logic

TCO Integrity Sub Work Group
Ted Weidner, Purdue - co-leader Karren Bee-Donohoe, The State University of New York
Mike Gebeke, University of Birmingham - co-leader  

TCO Data & Formulas Sub Work Group
Bob Askerlund, Salt Lake Community College - co-leader Chuck Mies, Autodesk
Steve Holzer, BIMobject - co-leader Mark Webb, University of Virginia


APPA 1000TM Part 1 Archives

For more information on this project please contact Billie Zidek at 703-542-3846 or via email at billie@appa.org.