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Targeted Titles & Topics 2022-2023 Series – MARCH

Space & All Its Entanglements

March 27-29, 2023 | UNC Charlotte Marriott Hotel & Conference Center | Charlotte, North Carolina

Coming to every institution is a new way to work that will impact how space needs to change, modify, and/or adapt with a focus on space optimization, thus allowing for a more flexible and cost-effective delivery system.

We will explore such topics as tying campus/master planning to the utilization/condition of space and its optimization; addressing the trends in remote, hybrid, in-person strategies to the deployment of space and the associated policy implications; understanding the growing trends in academia/higher education; considering the use of mobile technologies and the integration of data and digital technologies to accelerate digital transformation; and creating spaces as inviting and welcoming environments for students.  All centered on leveraging the myriad opportunities availed to us post-pandemic.


Recommended Audience: VP/ VC’s; AVP/AVC’s; and Directors

• Tie campus/master planning to the utilization of space, its condition, and further optimization;
• Ways to focus on and plan for space optimization rather than just utilization and management;
• HR options for Telework/Remote/Hybrid/On-site decision-making policies and approaches;
• How to integrate technology to fit the need(s), address costs and funding, and determine future platforms that benefit delivery systems;
• Connecting mobile technologies to manage better and operate space and deploy resources;
• Determine opportunities to recapture and reallocate space based on institutional priorities and ultimately lower the cost of operations and infrastructure.


• Collaborate with colleagues, share experiences and collective wisdom, and further stimulate creative thought;
• Explore innovative solutions to the complex problems of managing space and optimizing its use;
• Develop new strategies to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

All Space & All Its Entanglements programming will be held at the UNC Charlotte Marriott Hotel & Conference Center. Visit us today to view the schedule of events and invited faculty.

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For additional questions on Space & All Its Entanglements, contact APPA Staff for assistance.