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Targeted Titles & Topics July 2022 Programming

Critical Issues Facing
Senior Facilities Officers

July 27-29, 2022 | Hilton Chicago O’Hare Airport | Chicago, Illinois

The Future of Work

As the influential Baby Boomer generation continues to retire in record numbers, a new generation steps up to lead. This demographic shift has created a period of great change in organizational structure and consumer behavior. Hierarchies are flattening, networks are being created, the traditional “American Dream” is being challenged, and constant disruption is forcing established industries to work harder to remain relevant. The time has come to challenge conventional thinking and explore bold new approaches to relationship building in the face of disruption and shifting demographics. Creating more empathetic, personal, and customized experiences is more important than ever. Supported by cutting-edge research and category-leading case studies, this program will take a deep dive into the evolving expectations of employees and consumers. 
Presenter: Kim Lear, Inlay Insights

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