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Chair, Glenn Smith
Bryn Mawr College (retired)



This work group was established under the auspices of the APPA Standards and Code Council (ASCC) to create an ANSI standard (APPA 1100 - Facility Terms and Definitions) to establish a database of nationally recognized terms and definitions used by facilities, building or supporting infrastructures to be housed on the APPA International website. Areas of application for this standard include project delivery (planning, design, construction and commissioning), maintenance and operations, energy, utilities, environmental stewardship, planning, design, and construction.


Facility Terms and Definitions Work Group Members

John Coggins, Spirotherm
Phil Cox, Cornell
Gary Reynolds, University of Colorado - Colorado Springs


Billie Zidek, Staff Liaison


For more information on this group contact Billie Zidek at 703.542.3846 or via email at