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At APPA, we believe that the quality of academic programming is directly related to the quality of the educational facility. APPA enables educational institutions to share, elevate, and transform the learning environment. APPA provides training and professional development, performance measurement, and evaluation tools, standards, best practices, research, credentialing, and thought leadership to more than 10,000 educational facilities professionals from more than 1,300 learning institutions.

With one eye on providing excellence in today’s educational environment, and one always trained on adapting, enhancing, and transforming the facilities of the future, APPA seeks to create positive impact in educational facilities on three important levels:

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The membership year is April 1 to March 31. Membership in APPA falls under the following categories:

In addition to national membership, APPA has six regions in North America that are arranged geographically. Please visit our regional membership page for more information.