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Internship Opportunities

Gain first-hand experience within the field of educational facilities.


APPA and its community have been focused on growing our profession and ensuring the next generation has a good foundation in Facilities. APPA member colleges, universities, schools, and other educational facilities are encouraged by APPA to establish facilities-related internship programs and to make them available for the students who are seeking hands-on professional experience in the field of educational facilities.

Program Overview

APPA Student Internship Program

APPA Internships offer a wide range of incredible opportunities for students to gain practical experience as emerging professional in the field of educational facilities and enhance their personal growth. The field of educational facilities is comprised of many disciplines such as, communication, construction management, energy management, environmental health and safety, environmental stewardship and sustainability, finance and business administration, health care, human resources, operations and maintenance, project management, technology, etc. Students at all levels and recent graduates in all majors are welcome to apply.

Available Internship Opportunities

Want to intern with APPA? Check out the internship opportunities here.

APPA Internship Information – For Students

It is free to join APPA Student Internship Program. Check out more information about the program below and the APPA Student Internship Guidelines for details.

Why Choose an APPA Student Internship Program?
  • Provide different opportunities to apply academic learning to hands-on situations
  • Collaborate with professionals to develop your knowledge and skills in your areas of interest
  • Gain valuable experience in facilities management settings
  • Build networking contacts in your chosen career field
  • Explore your career choices before making a long term commitment
  • Participate in professional development activities through APPA
Available Resources for APPA Interns

The APPA Interns will be provided with various resources while participating APPA Student Internship Program to enhance knowledge and professional skills.

  • Free access to resources and services, e.g., Body of Knowledge (BOK), APPA publications (Facilities Manager magazine, Inside APPA, Operational Guidelines Trilogy, etc.), APPA Job Express/Internship, and more.
  • Eligible to participate in professional development opportunities, e.g., Drive-In Workshops, Mentorship Program, APPA Webinar Series, and more.
  • Eligible to participate in networking opportunities, e.g., APPA Young Professionals (AYPs), APPA Regional/Chapter Conferences, and more.
Qualifications for Prospective APPA Interns

Students must meet the following criteria to apply for the APPA Student Internship Program.

  1. Student must be in good academic standing.
    • Cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 or higher for associate and bachelor’s degree
    • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 or higher for graduate level degree and recent graduate (within 1-2 years if graduation)
  2. Student must be an APPA member to participate APPA Internship Program. (Go to Student Membership for APPA Student Membership Details)
  3. Student must be eligible to work in the United States. Please be aware that all applicants must go through the recruitment process of the institution they choose. Also, make sure that you are aware of your academic requirements from your college or university.
Post Qualifications for APPA Interns

Student interns must meet APPA requirements to be recognized as an APPA Student Intern. Check out APPA Student Internship Guidelines for more details about requirements.

How to Join APPA Internship Program

***Make sure to complete APPA requirements indicated in the Student Intern Checklist. (e.g., submit the APPA Student Internship Summary Report to your internship supervisor a week prior to completion of your APPA Internship Program)

APPA Internship Information – For Host Institutions

It’s free to join APPA Student Internship Program.

Why Host an Intern?
  • Bring new ideas, talents, and skills to your organization
  • Learn new perspectives to create change/discussion
  • Have an opportunity to evaluate and screen students prior to making a full-time position offer, which can save the organizations’ time and cost
  • Enhance academics, colleges and community relationships
  • Assist students with job opportunities after graduation
  • Assistance with projects and tasks – extend the work load
Qualifications for Prospective Host Institution/Organization

The host institution/organization must be an APPA member.

How to Join APPA Internship Program?
  • STEP 1: Download and review the APPA Student Internship Guidelines to help you get started
  • STEP 2: Download and review Host Institution/Organization Checklist to help you successfully complete the program
  • STEP 3: Check out APPA resources under the Resources tab
  • STEP 4: Post Internship opportunities at***Make sure to complete APPA requirements indicated in the Host Institution/Organization Checklist. (e.g., inform APPA the chosen candidate for APPA Student Internship Program before starting the internship program, submit APPA Student Internship Summary Report to APPA at the end of the program, etc.)

APPA Internship Information – Resources

APPA doesn’t provide any financial support and benefits to APPA interns. Financial assistance and other benefits, instead of or in addition to pay, may be available to APPA interns depending on availability of funds from host institution/organization. The host institution/organization may offer networking/certification opportunities, e.g., sponsoring attendance at networking events, offering participation in workplace and training, etc.

The following forms are provided by APPA to help student interns and host institutions to successfully complete the APPA Student Internship Program. *** Both academic and non-academic internship program participants (host institution and student intern) are required to complete and submit the forms to meet APPA requirements. Download the APPA Student Internship Guidelines.

Additional forms below may be used to assist program participants with the success of the internship program but are not required for submission to APPA.