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Certified Educational Facilities Professional (CEFP)

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As the facilities profession becomes more complex, it’s critical to demonstrate your well-rounded knowledge of all the systems that make your campus an efficient place to learn, live and work.

Today’s facilities professionals face a variety of challenges, such as:
• Aging infrastructure of buildings and utilities
• Expanding workload and expectations
• Reduced resources and skills gaps
• Utilizing space more efficiently

APPA’s CEFP certification is the only facilities credential that focuses on your professional development, while encompassing the full, multi-disciplinary range of educational facilities management principles and practices – from planning, design and construction to daily operations and general management.

Professional certification ensures that you are well equipped to meet these challenges and demonstrates your commitment to lifelong learning.

The Certified Educational Facilities Professional credential (CEFP) is a certification designed for both aspiring and existing educational facilities professionals with eight years of combined education and professional facilities management experience. Earning the CEFP demonstrates that you have a mastery of professional expertise and is a mark of superior proficiency in the core competencies for education facilities professionals.

The Certified Educational Facilities Professional (CEFP) designation provides a professional credentialing continuum for the educational facilities professional.

To maintain the CEFP credential, one must demonstrate their commitment to on-going professional development and continuing leadership by means of a recertification process every four (4) years. The process utilizes a point system that assigns recertification credits for participation in professional development programs, as well as APPA and non-APPA volunteer leadership and service in support of the educational facilities profession. To learn more about the recertification process visit our Recertification page.

Questions or inquiries: Contact Credentialing

“Studying for the CEFP using the APPA resources has been an excellent experience in its own right, and I can’t wait to take the exam.” – Ian Smith (is currently CEFP certified!) Director of Facilities, Earlham College

“There is so much great information in the program, but one of my biggest takeaways is a better understanding of change management in an organization.” Read More
Chris Reyes, CEFP
Assistant Director of Utilities
Facilities Management

Help congratulate the most recent CEFP recipients!

2023 CEFP Certificate Recipients

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NameInstitutionRegionExam DateCertificate #
Melissa MillicanIdaho State UniversityRMA03/18/20236520
Onkar AuzlaGeorgia Institute of TechnologySRAPPA03/18/20236519
Brian StanfordUniversity of VermontERAPPA03/13/20236515
Todd ClarkInternational School ServicesInternational03/12/20236514
Aubrey BaileyUniversity of GeorgiaSRAPPA03/11/20236513
Caleb LeeKennesaw State UniversitySRAPPA03/10/20236512
Yun CaoMichigan State UniversityMAPPA03/08/20236511
Ellsworth MayPrinceton UniversityERAPPA03/07/20236510
Rodolfo CuellarSan Diego State UniversityPCAPPA03/07/20236509
Rashad WestryColorado CollegeRMA03/07/20236508
Christopher WilsonOhio UniversityMAPPA03/06/20236507
Patricia PacUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoMAPPA03/06/202336505
Michael LayGeorge Mason UniversitySRAPPA03/06/20236504
Bret McCarleyClemson UniversitySRAPPA03/06/20236503
Michael SkrivanUniversity of VirginiaSRAPPA03/06/20236502
Patricia HealeyTrinity CollegeERAPPA03/04/20236501
Christina WilliamsTexas Woman’s UniversityCAPPA03/03/20236500
Viet TranQueen’s UniversityRMA03/03/20236499
Rob LameckerStillwater Public SchoolsRMA03/03/20236498
Larin DavisStillwater Public SchoolsRMA03/03/20236497
Tom BakerNorwich UniversityERAPPA03/03/20236496
Michael StroudBoston CollegeERAPPA03/03/20236495
John GoldsmithOhio State UniversityMAPPA03/02/20236494
Zachary EideUniversity of Maryland College ParkERAPPA03/01/20236493
Malik IsmailSan Diego State UniversityPCAPPA03/01/20236492


NameInstitutionRegionExam DateCertificate #
David SpringelmeyerUniversity of Cincinnati Main CampusMAPPA02/27/20236491
John HarrisTexas A & M University – CommerceCAPPA02/26/20236490
Michael SumnersUniversity of AlabamaSRAPPA02/24/20236489
David MarloweUniversity of AlabamaSRAPPA02/24/20236488
Michael GroverUniversity of MassachusettsERAPPA02/21/20236487
Sean WeltonUniversity of Texas at AustinCAPPA02/21/20236486
Dino MarghellaUniversity of AlbertaRMA02/20/20236485
Chadwick KyleAthens State UniversitySRAPPA02/20/20236483
Christopher BagshawQueen’s UniversityERAPPA02/17/20236482
Dwight RabyEmory UniversitySRAPPA02/16/20236481
Cort FisherAuburn UniversitySRAPPA02/14/20236480
Joan HickenAuburn UniversitySRAPPA02/14/20236479
Michael HoodAuburn UniversitySRAPPA02/14/20236478
Cody WeisgergerUniversity of ReginaRMA02/11/20236477
Phillip SparksUniversity of Colorado BoulderRMA02/08/20236476
Shawn MillerUniversity of DaytonMAPPA02/02/20236475


NameInstitutionRegionExam DateCertificate #
Tucker ShockeyUniversity of Texas at AustinCAPPA01/27/20236474
Jennifer ReedUniversity of Maryland College ParkERAPPA01/11/20236473
James JohnsonPima Community CollegeRMA01/03/20236471
John PereiraRutgers UniversityERAPPA01/03/20236470