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COVID-19 – Resources and Guidelines

Share Your Emerging Practices

If your facilities organization has a procedure, guideline, case study, or emerging practice related to fighting or minimizing the spread of COVID-19, please send your document or web link and a short description to [email protected]. We will share your work with fellow educational facilities professionals.

APPA Town Hall Archives 

  • June 11, 2021 APPA Town Hall Recording Changing Fall 2021 Reopening Strategies (Lalit Agarwal; Kevin Harris; Dan Levering; Keith Woodward)
  • May 21, 2021 APPA Town Hall RecordingThe Practical Realities of COVID and Your HVAC Systems (Linda Dickey; Aaron Lapsley; David Handwork; Dave Irvin)
  • March 26, 2021 APPA Member Connections Recording (passcode 0c&XKQQF) – Preparing for Every Future (APPA’s Presidential Triad; APPA’s Committee Vice Presidents)
  • February 19, 2021 APPA Town Hall Recording Considering the Remote/Hybrid Workplace (George Fox College; Microsoft; University of Iowa; University of Kentucky)
  • February 5, 2021 APPA Town Hall RecordingThe Campus COVID Economy: A Focus on Institutional Revenues & Expenses (American Council on Education)
  • January 8, 2021 APPA Town Hall RecordingHealthy, Smart Buildings! Why You Should Care (Arkansas State University; BR+A Consulting Engineers; Gordian; Intelligent Buildings; Microsoft; University of Nebraska Lincoln)
  • December 4 APPA Town Hall RecordingExperience Exchange Around YOUR Remaining Challenges (Arkansas State University; Brentwood School; Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine; Duke University; Resource Consulting Engineers; State University of New York System; University of Arizona; University of Colorado Boulder)
  • November 6 APPA Town Hall RecordingPlanning for New Realities: Shifting Your Mindset (Campus Strategies; Duane Hickling & Associates; Teibel Education Consulting)
  • October 23 APPA Town Hall RecordingLooking Forward: Financial Ramifications & Impacts of COVID-19 (Loyola University Maryland; NASPA; SUNY System; University of Regina)
  • October 9 APPA Town Hall RecordingLessons Learning for Spring Semester: Pre-Planning, Plan Delivery & Post Assessment (Middle Tennessee State University; Miss Hall’s School; Quinnipiac University; University of Colorado Boulder)
  • September 25 APPA Town Hall Recording COVID Communications with Diverse Stakeholder Interest Groups (College of Charleston; Michigan State University; Thomas Jefferson University; Whitman College)
  • September 11 APPA Town Hall Recording How Goes Your Fall Reopening? An Experience Exchange on Lessons Learning (Clarkson University; College of Charleston; Michigan State University; SUNY System; University of Arizona; University of Regina; Whitman College)
  • August 28 APPA Town Hall RecordingCaring for the Caregivers: Mental Health Resources for Front-Line Teams & Students (Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine; Rochester Institute of Technology; University of Arizona)
  • August 21 APPA Town Hall RecordingHVAC & Other Facility Considerations (ASHRAE; Resource Consulting Engineers; Taylor Engineering; Arkansas State University)
  • July 24 APPA Town Hall RecordingTesting & Tracing, Aerosolized Particles & Serology of the Virus (Emory University School of Medicine/American College Health Association)
  • July 17 APPA Town Hall RecordingSpecial Communities: Challenges & Strategies for Districts, Community Colleges & Preparatory Schools (Chicago Public Schools; New York City Department of Education; University of Washington Bothell; Community College of Allegheny County; Phillips Exeter Academy; Brentwood School)
  • July 10 APPA Town Hall RecordingChallenge for Auxiliary Services: Dorms, Dining & Unions (University of Houston; Thomas Jefferson University; University of South Alabama)
  • June 26 APPA Town Hall RecordingTransportation: Traversing To, From & Within the Campus (University of Iowa; Michigan State University)
  • June 19 APPA Town Hall RecordingRoad to Reopening with Your Senior Leadership (Johnson County Community College; University of Arizona; Spelman College)
  • June 12 APPA Town Hall Recording Impact of COVID-19: Dedensifying Your Space (University of Nebraska Lincoln; Duke University)
  • June 5 APPA Town Hall Recording Impact of COVID-19: Got Questions? Ask the Community! (Williams College; Arizona State University; University of Nebraska Lincoln; Penn State University)
  • May 29 APPA Town Hall RecordingIn the Trenches: Cleaning Protocols & HVAC/MEP Systems Requirements (North Carolina State University; J.L. Richards)
  • May 15 APPA Town Hall RecordingImpact of COVID-19: Preparing NOW for the Student of 2024 (Oregon State University; Georgia Tech; Quinnipiac University)
  • May 8 APPA Town Hall RecordingIf/Then…What Scenarios: Preparing for COVID-19’s New Reality (University of Iowa; Hickling & Associates; University of Arkansas Fayetteville)
  • May 1 APPA Town Hall RecordingImpact of COVID-19 on Space: A Very New Frontier (Gordian; Penn State University; Occidental College; University of Maine System)
  • April 24 APPA Town Hall RecordingImpact of COVID-19: The Higher Education Financial Situation & Futures (NACUBO; University of Minnesota; University of Alberta)
  • April 17 APPA Town Hall Recording Impact of COVID-19 on O&M Requirements, Residential Facilities, and Beyond (ACUHO-I; Swarthmore College; University of Florida; Kansas State University; University of Virginia)
  • April 10 APPA Town Hall RecordingImpact of COVID-19 on Human Resources in Educational Facilities (CUPA-HR; University of Arizona; Indiana University)
  • April 3 APPA Town Hall RecordingInterpreting “Essential” Construction Services (Swinerton Management & Consulting; University of Iowa; University of North Texas System)
  • March 27 APPA Town Hall RecordingIncreasing our Understanding of COVID-19 (Emory University School of Medicine/American College Health Association; University of Regina; Trinity Christian Academy; University of Tennessee Knoxville)
  • March 20, 2020 APPA Town Hall RecordingFacilities Response by Sharing Emerging Practices (University of Iowa; University of Kentucky; University of Hartford)

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