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College of Charleston – Drain Traps & Legionella Concerns

John Morris, College of Charleston
April 23, 2020

“We are all aware of how drain traps can go dry from non-use but there is another issue with fresh water pipes.  When water sits in the pipes of vacant buildings it allows the disinfectants from the water utility to breakdown without being replaced in incoming fresh water.   Legionella can form.”

“If we don’t open campus back up soon, particularly if it is not until fall or beyond, it might be wise to have all the water spigots turned on and toilets flushed on a regular schedule until campus reopens. 

“Additionally we are already getting questions about whether our custodians be wiping down all surfaces that are touched more frequently once we begin to return to campus.  The library and Athletics are already asking these type of questions.  That will put a strain on our custodial staff and force us to consider other cleaning options we have not historically tackled, even if we have a phased reopening.  People are asking for Level 1 Custodial service and as you know most of us are lucky if we are funded for a Level 3.”