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Grand Valley State University – Housing for Healthcare Workers & First Responders

Tim Thimmesch, Grand Valley State University
March 31, 2020

So far we are holding our own in Grand Rapids and at our campus as the worst in Michigan is on the east side of the state.  We are preparing though for a surge in our area while hoping and praying that some of the mitigation activities have a positive impact.  Time will tell. 

Grand Valley has actually turned over one of its health science buildings in Grand Rapids to Spectrum Hospital.  They are setting up 50-person wards in this building in case of a surge of cases.  Our facility is adjacent to Spectrum Hospital and we have had an agreement in place for a number of years with them in case such a need arose.  Spectrum began to prep this facility with IT connections 2 weeks ago and beds/medical equipment arrived last week.  So the University has worked closely with them to make this happen.  A few facilities related issues with cleaning/HVAC filters changed out/etc. have been worked through. 

We are also prepping a number of our residential apartments to house emergency first responders that could possibly travel to the area and would need housing accommodations.  At this time we will not be opening any housing beds for patient care.  However, FEMA did tour our Fieldhouse recently in regard to that possibility.  This has been turned down by FEMA as the focus is on a large facility in Grand Rapids that they believe would serve needs better.