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Upcoming Webinars

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4Autonomous (Robotic) Cleaning Trend (*)
5 – APPA COVID-19 Town Hall: Got Questions? Ask The Community
11Monitoring Fire Alarm Panels Using IP (*)
18How To Design A Smart, Connected Campus With STEM To Business Ecosystem Model (*)
25The Circular Economy Beneath your Feet (*)


9Transforming Mid-Century Campus Buildings 2.0: Measuring Design Against the Outcomes
16UL 268 – Compliant Smoke Detectors (*) (***)
23Facility Operations: Journey from Situational Awareness to Operational Intelligence: A University of Maryland Case Study (*)
30Why Rapid Access Programs Are More Important Than Ever in Campus Settings (*) (***)


13 – Maximum Allowable Quantities (Registration Coming Soon) (***)
20 – NFPA 3000: Risk Assessment & Site (Registration Coming Soon) (***)


17Changes to ICC 2021 and NFPA Codes (*) (***)


1Optimizing the Value of Your Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) (*)
8 – Cybersecurity Challenges Addressed in NFPA 72 (Registration Coming Soon) (***)
15 – Explosion at University of Maryland (Registration Coming Soon) (***)
22Making BIM Work For You (*)


3Overview of Selected Changes to the 2019 Editions of the IEBC & IECC
10Operations Intelligence platform in a Central Heating Plant (UMass case) (*)

(*) Indicates that the webinar has been approved by AIA (American Institute of Architects.
(***) Indicates that the webinar will be co-sponsored by Center for Campus Fire Safety.