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Upcoming Webinars/Town Halls

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22Coil Restoration & AHU Sanitization: Driving Improved IAQ and Energy Savings through Innovation (*)
28Part I: Viral Transmission in the Indoor Environment and the Impact of Cleaning – Part II: How to Validate Strategies that Reduce the Spread of COVID-19 (*)
29You Got This: Motivation & Performance


5Ready for Return: Retrofitting Your HVAC System for a Safer Campus (*)
6The Efficiency Opportunities of a Comprehensive Water Management Program – Part IV – Chiller Efficiency (*)
128th Habit: You Found Your Voice … Now What?
13 Fire Safety Education During a Pandemic: How do you deliver Fire Safety training during a Pandemic? (*) (***)
14APPA Town HallPractical Realities of COVID and Your HVAC Systems (*)


10CPRe: Creatively (re)positioning your real estate (*)
17Building a “Flywheel” to Advance Deferred Maintenance Funding (*)
24 – Drones, Are They Good for Your Campus? (*)


29Water Management for Construction: Commissioning Water Quality to Reduce Risk and Improve Building Asset Management (*)


12Reducing Construction Costs + Realizing Design Using Fire Codes (*)


23Air Vents and Corrosion: New Requirements of 2016 NFPA 13 (*)
30Building Blocks of Enclosure Evaluation (*)


7One-time Waterproofing for the Design Life of a Concrete Structure (*)
14Creating a Data Driven Plan for Healthy Ventilation (*)


(*) Indicates that the webinar has been approved by AIA (American Institute of Architects.
(***) Indicates that the webinar will be co-sponsored by Center for Campus Fire Safety.