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Meritorious Service Award

Each year, APPA members bestow the Meritorious Service Award upon the individual member or members who have made significant, life-long contributions to the profession of educational facilities management. APPA’s highest award for individual service, the Meritorious Service Award is given to no more than three individuals each year.


To be eligible for the Meritorious Service award, nominees must meet the following criteria:

  1. An employee of an active APPA member institution for ten consecutive years. (NOTE: Institution must be currently in good standing.)
  2. Active participation in meetings and other functions at the international level.
  3. Service at the international APPA level (i.e. Board member, committee/ group member, dean/ trainer/ facilitator within professional development (though not a current APPA board member);
  4. Service at the regional or chapter level (i.e. board, committee, meeting host); and/or service to an associated professional organization whose principle purpose is related to the betterment of facilities management operations at colleges and universities.
  5. Past recipients can be nominated after ten years of service following their first Meritorious Service Award.

Submitting a nomination for the 2023 Meritorious Service Award season is easy as 1-2-3:

– Log into your myAPPA account from the APPA Home Page
– Click on myAPPA at the top orange menu
– Locate on the left-hand side under your myAPPA Menu Quick Links the myAwards Submissions

At any time during the submission process, should you require assistance, contact APPA Member Engagement Staff. Just a reminder – only members in good standing at submission and awarding are eligible.

Past Recipients

2021 – Elizabeth Clark2020 – Peter Strazdas, Michelle Frederick & Daniel Wooten
2019 – No Recipients2018 – Emmet Boyle, Glen Haubold & Chuck Scott
2017 – Shelton Riley, Jodie Sweat & Keith Woodward2016 – J. B. Messer, Glenn Smith & Daniel Young
2015 – David W. Gray, Anthony (Tony) Guerrero & Jeri Ripley King2014 – Marion Bracy, Don Guckert, Tom Harkenrider & Jay Klingel
2013 – Dave Button, John P. Harrod Jr. & Michael R. Johnson2012 – Tony Ichsan, Brian Worley & Mark Hunter
2011 Fred Plant, John Morris & Eakle Barfield Jr.2010 – Kevin Folsom, Mary Vosevich & Norman Young
2009 – Robert J. Carter, Robert S. Hascall & Theodore J. Weidner 2008 – Darrel Meyer
2007– Polly Pinney, Sam Polk & Terry Ruprecht2006 – Harvey D. Chace, Cheryl Gomez & Michael Sofield
2005 – Philip L. Cox & Vickie D. Younger2004 – Christopher Ahoy, Mohammad H. Qayoumi
& Leo Yanda
2003 – Alan Bigger & Edward Rice2002 – Jack Colby & Maggie Kinnaman
2001 – Greg Fichter, Larry Quick & Joseph Rubertone2000 – Howard A. Wells, Robert A. Getz & Chris Christofferson
1999 – James E. Christenson, Sam Ragusa & James O. Roberts1998 – Ron Flinn, John Harrod & Ron Hicks
1997 – Thomas F. Vacha & George F. Krell1996 – Patrick Apel & Gary L. Reynolds
1995 – Frederick L. Klee & E. Diane Kerby1994 – Norman H. Bedell, William J. Humble & William J. Sharp Jr
1993 – W. Clay Adamson, Pieter van der Have & Maurice Pawsey1992 – Douglas K. Christensen. Charles W. Jenkins & G. Thomas Wells
1991 -Dean H. Fredericks & Donald L. Mackel1990 – John A. Heinz, Dorsey D. Jacobs & Henry L. Shelby
1989 – William A. Daigneau, William S. Mutch & Mohammad H. Qayoumi1988 – Joe J. Estill Jr., Alan D. Lewis & H.C. Lott Jr.
1987 – Herbert I. Collier & G. Don Shepherd1986 – Jack Hug
1985 – William D. Middleton1984 – Harold C. Babcock, Paul T. Knapp, Richard C. Neidhard & H. Val Peterson
1983 – Rex O. Dillow & William W. Whitman1982 – John K. Armour, Charles W. Butler & Thomas B. Smith
1981 -Charles C. Braswell, Sheldon L. Kempton &
Philip W. Koehler
1980 – William R. Dickson & William S. Gardiner
1979 – Harold J. Anderson, William V. Domke &
John H. Sweitzer
1978 – Eugene Leaver & H. Stanley Palmer
1977 – V. Burt Cowman, John Gabe &Henry L. Yeagley Jr.1976 – Charles S. Dawson & John E. Tronoff
1975 – Nestus H. Gurley, Philip G. Rector & William M. Stanton Jr.1974 – Lloyd Durow, Peter P. Welanetz & Martin F. Whalen
1973 – Gene B. Cross, Gerald P. Hawk & Bruce Rutherford1972 – Calvin C. Greene, George C. Moore & Walter H. Wiegand
1971 – Harry M. Bucholz, Harry F. Ebert & Clyde B. Hil1970 – O. Jean Gratton, Richard A. Kendrick & Ted B. Simon
1969 – Raymond Halbert, Robert L. Houston &
Irwin I. Wright
1968 – Elbridge Bacon Jr., L. Terry Suber & Walter W. Wade
1967 – Howard Badgett, Ken Hayter & Francis McGuire1966 – Alva Ahearn, J. McCree Smith & James J. Wenner
1965 – Richard Adams & Wilber Zellner1964 – E.T. Clarke & Otto Kohler
1963 – Anthony Lazzaro & Roy Lund1962 – Henry Pearson, Carl M.F. Peterson & George Weber
1961 – Jack Adwers, M.F. Fifield & R.F. Gingrich1960 – E.J. Behler, Wesley Hertenstein & Walter M. Roth
1959 – W.A. Davenport, C.S. Havens & W.P. Wetzel1958 – Sam Brewster, Paul Elleman & A.F. Gallistel