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College of Charleston – Drain Traps & Legionella Concerns

John Morris, College of Charleston April 23, 2020 “We are all aware of how drain traps can go dry from non-use but there is another issue with fresh water pipes.  When water sits in the pipes of vacant buildings it allows the disinfectants from the water utility to breakdown without being replaced in incoming fresh […]

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The APPA Library is a searchable resource of information about facilities management in colleges, universities, schools and school districts, and other educational institutions. Resources include articles from Facilities Manager magazine, proceedings of APPA’s annual conferences, books, monographs, surveys, reports, and other print and electronic material. Results from your search of the APPA Library may be as brief […]

Survey raw responses: supply shortages

Unedited responses from APPA’s survey on FM practices during COVID-19, conducted March 2020. Which key supplies are you experiencing shortages on and how are you addressing these shortages? Hand sanitizer; making due with what we have. We would like to have more N95 masks and Tyvek suits. -We would also like to have more Clorox […]

Webinar: Facility Operations: Journey from Situational Awareness to Operational Intelligence: A University of Maryland Case Study

The purpose of this webinar is to use real-world examples to demonstrate the value of data-driven operational intelligence in facilities environments. The webinar will outline the high-level value propositions of data integration, data access, and analytics but the primary goal is to showcase proven operational intelligence strategies, including: Integrating a Geospatial Information System (GIS) with […]

Safety and Security – How Equipped is Your Campus?

Come check out this FREE workshop, enjoy networking opportunities and learn more about: o The Good, Bad and Ugly of Aftermarket Products o How to Effectively Integrate Safety & Security into Your Building and Campus Design o Real World Experiences and a Success Story in Training Building Users o Resources Available to Assist in Funding […]

APPA COVID-19 Message Following the September 11, 2020 APPA Town Hall

An occasional blogpost from Lander Medlin, APPA’s Executive Vice President How Goes Your Fall Reopening: An Experience Exchange on Lessons Learning September 14, 2020 — In the past two weeks, the United States has added 500,000 cases cresting 6.4M cases and approaching 192,000 deaths. Although total U.S. cases are showing slight signs of slowing down, health experts […]

University of Kentucky – Virus and Disinfectant Testing

John Summersett, University of KentuckyApril 20, 2020 Since attending the first APPA Town Hall, I have found them to be most interesting and informative. In the past when I helped teach microbiology to dental students I would use an example of E. coli to show how disinfectants work. I took a population of 1,000,000 cells […]