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APPA’s Healthy, Smart Building Score Survey Closes 3/24!

March 10, 2021

Together We Are Making A Difference 

The pandemic has magnified the importance of the need for a healthy learning environment and left many struggling to answer a simple question: How is my building contributing to my health? At best, we have been able to only answer this question in a qualitative manner. When the answer has been unfavorable, we have struggled to identify actionable measures that can quantify the improvements that need to be made to create a healthy environment inside the building.

The Healthy, Smart Building Score Initiative from APPA will allow each institution to measure (from building-level to institutional-level) the health of the environment inside their occupied spaces.  Smart building technologies work hand-in-hand and enable us to achieve our healthy building goals while limiting the compromise to operational and energy efficiencies.  The Healthy, Smart Building Score will allow for root cause analysis to identify areas where a campus can undertake specific actions to improve their scores; thereby creating a quantifiable answer to the question – How is my building contributing to my health?

By filling out this survey, you will help us create a scoring methodology that is detailed enough to be useful, but lightweight enough to fit into our already busy lives.

The link to the survey is below:

 APPA’s Healthy, Smart Building Score Survey

We will close the survey on Wednesday, March 24 at 10:00 p.m. ET. 

Thank you in advance for your participation and support of APPA!

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