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Webinar: Making BIM Work For You

World renowned BIM expert, author, and lecturer Deke Smith will provide insight as to how Building Information Modeling and the APPA TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) should fit into your campus plans, and where BIM is headed in the future. This webinar will be based not only on his experience, but also on case studies […]

In Memoriam – Glenn Smith

APPA has received the sad news that Past APPA President Glenn Smith passed away in his sleep August 7, 2020.  He had retired to North Carolina last year after 22 years as the senior facilities officer at Bryn Mawr College.  Glenn was APPA’s President in 2013-14, during the run-up to APPA’s 100-year anniversary celebration.  He […]

APPA Statement on Racial Inequality & Injustice

As a country, we are not only plagued by our present circumstances of a global pandemic. We are also plagued by what has been with us for 400 years – widespread racial inequality.  People are filled with anger and frustration, despair and exhaustion.  This is a fire that has been burning for centuries.  Almost 60 […]

Inspiring Trust – Strong Teams In Our New Normal

During this current age of uncertainty we are experiencing an impact, not only on our daily operations on campus, but one that is leaving an indelible mark within the structures of our teams and community. It is the strength of our core belief and trust in one another that will not only sustain us now, […]