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New Publication from the APPA Bookstore!

March 31, 2021

Deploying Disruptive Technologies with a Disruptive Approach to Leadership

By Adam Lawver and Sean O’Connor

Cover of Disruptive Technologies Book

This newest APPA publication proposes that one of the keys to managing disruption is to invest in the organization’s culture of work, as well as in the technologies required for progressive change.

In this digital publication filled with links, videos, and podcasts, authors Adam Lawver and Sean O’Connor explain how to develop a community of leaders at all levels—leaders capable of planning, of reacting quickly and flexibly, and of promoting operational excellence to match an accelerating pace of disruptive change. This differs from conventional leadership by recognizing the importance of empowering all employees at every level to provide some degree of leadership. This requires an agreement between supervisors and workforce subordinates to operate on the basis of mutual trust, building relationships geared to maximize everyone’s individual strengths.

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