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Scholarships Offered by APPA Regions

July 1, 2023

Many of APPA’s scholarships come from the dedicated work of APPA’s regions. APPA has six regions, all with different flavors and focuses. Some regions offer individual scholarships, and some offer group scholarships for hosting an event on campus.

These may change every year depending on funds available and where that region would like to put their focus. Some regions issue coupons or supplement a portion of registration costs or training, and some offer full cost support. Click here to find your region’s scholarship offerings for the year.  Many of the individual trainings, as well as CEFP certification courses that are open now for registration, have at least one region that may offer support for that training.

Regions can be a great resource for supporting you on your learning and career journey. You can find out more about APPA’s regions and find your own by clicking here.  It is also a good idea to check out your state chapter, if your state has one, to find out if they offer scholarships.  

Thank you APPA regions!

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