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A Great Start for APPA’s New Course: Invest in Success

April 1, 2024

The new APPA professional development course, Invest in Success, was a sold-out event for its first virtual offering. Developed by Michelle Frederick, the training and organizational manager for facilities and administrative services at American University, Invest in Success develops individual understanding and behaviors that enhance FM professionals’ ability to be valuable contributors to their organizations.

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“I found it to be a great reminder of the importance of our individual responsibility to look inside ourselves and consider how we view our work and those we work with” said Steve McClain, from the University of Arkansas. Having attended the 2-day virtual event, he also commented on the ”importance of building trust, communicating effectively, understanding our personal biases, and building relationships.”

Ruthann Manlet, associate director at the University of Minnesota, had this to say: “The interaction was collaborative, helpful, and enthusiastic. This class was offered virtually and still provided a high level of interaction and useful information that our members can take and apply to the work they do.”

Stay tuned for upcoming offerings of this great new addition to APPA’s Professional Development portfolio!

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