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Assessment & Performance Measurement

Are You Meeting the Mark?

While assessment and performance measurement share some of the same characteristics and both explore the optimal ways to ensure successful tracking of continuous improvement for facilities management, they still differ in major ways. APPA offers two excellent programs to assist in your performance management journey.

Assessment gathers and analyses information from a customized set of criteria needed to optimize organizational performance. The criteria used in APPA’s Facilities Management Evaluation Program (FMEP) provides a tool for continuous organizational improvement and serves as an essential tool for your facilities management team. Although the program is geared toward educational facilities management, it applies to all facilities management staff at all levels of the organization. Click learn more.

Performance Measurement tracks key indicators and markers of accomplishments. The FPI creates a baseline for performance evaluation across educational facilities. The report data provides a comprehensive look at facilities’ operating costs, staffing levels and expenses, building and space costs and usage, strategic financial measures, and much more to provide a baseline for your organization’s continuous improvement and benchmark by which related institutions can compare, contrast, measure, and elevate their facilities’ performance. Click to learn more.