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Abstract: Effective Talent Management

As leaders in facilities management, developing an effective workforce is critical to the success of our facilities management organizations. There are several key human resource factors that you have to get right in order to build an effective workforce. 

The scope of facilities management responsibilities is vast. From operational services to planning, design, and construction, we must be sure that our workforce knows what to do, how to do it, and how to execute for desired results. To ensure their employees are operating at full efficiency and are following the directions they need to be successful, leaders must put a lot of thought into how they harness the power of people to be effective.

The components of an effective workforce are intertwined, from creating the environment for success (your organizational culture), to getting the right people in the right place, to ensuring that employees are fully engaged in their work. An effective talent management system will align employees in a solid organization that can do the work that needs to be done today, while creating systems that allow the organization to change, adapt, and adjust for the future.

Creating an effective workforce does not simply happen, but requires hard work, calculated decisions, and belief in the organization’s potential. It also requires vision and long-range planning that can be translated into manageable steps, and action plans that can be executed one item at a time. 

Using the concepts included in this chapter, examine your organizational culture as the foundation of your workforce development, start planning your talent management system at the “50,000 foot level,” and then plan the steps it will take to reach those goals.

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