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CEFP Course Curriculum

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The curriculum is comprised of the four core areas of APPA’s Body of Knowledge. It is placed on the customized website (CIL Platform) so participants will have access 24/7 to prepare for their exam.

Part 1 – General Administration and Management

Section I-A: Leadership and Administration

Section I-B: Human Resources Management

Section I-C: Business and Financial Management

Part 2 – Operations and Maintenance

Section II-A: Plant Management

Section II-B: Building Systems

Section II-C: Plant Services

Section II-D: Campus Services

Part 3 – Energy, Utilities, and Environmental Stewardship

Section III-A: Energy Utilization and Environmental Stewardship

Section III-B: District Energy Systems

Section III-C: Other Utilities

Part 4 – Planning, Design, and Construction

Section IV-A: Facilities Planning

Section IV-B: Facilities Design and Construction

Section IV-C: Special Topics