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APPA Webinar – Energy Pathway to Maximize IRA Tax Credit Monetization for Colleges and Universities

Rather than forcing progress through regulation, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) provides an unprecedented amount of funding for energy security, innovation, and carbon reduction projects. With the IRA, direct pay has now been enacted to benefit tax-exempt entities as well, giving higher education institutions a runway to monetize tax credits for renewable projects. Attendees will be taken through a planning process to create a tailored energy vision for their campus to maximize incentives.

Learning objectives:
Learning outcome 1: Learn how to create a tailored energy vision for your campus.
Learning outcome 2: Learn how to maximize available incentives for your institution while aligning with long-term goals and objectives.
Learning outcome 3: Understand the details of the Inflation Reduction Act.
Learning outcome 4: Become empowered to get your energy infrastructure upgrades approved and completed.

Presenter: Regina Durga, Centrica, Inc.

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