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APPA Webinar – Foundational Elements of DEI

What is DEI, the history & evolution of DEI
Although a limelight has been shone on DEI in the past decade, the DEI profession has been around for much longer than that. Workplace diversity training first emerged in the mid-1960s following the introduction of equal employment laws and affirmative action. 

Why DEI is important now, more than ever
DEI is especially important for education organizations due to their work with learners of all backgrounds. Students need to feel valued and affirmed, and educators and others whose work impacts them should espouse those values by exploring and honoring differences.

The business case for DEI – the value proposition 
Introducing the DEI Value Proposition (DVP), every organization has a unique experience it offers when it comes to DEI. 

Barriers to DEI and higher understanding
When it comes to DEI program implementation, the struggle to connect the dots between best intentions and tangible results is real. However, by tying strategic program goals to clearly defined metrics, institutions can evade the barriers that often impede DEI programs from enacting real change.

Learning Objectives:
1.      Participants will learn about the history of DEI and its evolution.
2.      Participants will learn why DEI is important now more than ever.
3.      Participants will learn the DEI value proposition.
4.      Participants will learn the barriers to DEI and get a higher understanding of what DEI means.

Presenter: Gina Willoughby, President & CEO at WCG Inc

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