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APPA Webinar – Solving Public Space Waste Challenges on Campus

Bigbelly, the world’s leading Waste & Recycling solution, is proud to have an ever-growing community of higher education facilities who deploy Bigbelly’s system on their campus. This network of facilities ranges from some of the largest universities in the country to small colleges, from densely urban cityscapes to rural environments, and everything in between. Each campus strives to create clean and safe spaces for students, staff, and visitors; this requires significant time, labor, and financial resources on behalf of administration & maintenance teams.

In this webinar, hear from the Bigbelly President & CEO, Brian Phillips, and VP of Product Strategy Jeff Satwicz to learn about the latest innovations launched this year, and how Bigbelly’s newly expanded solution delivers the next stage in the evolution of public space waste solutions.

4 Learning Objectives:
1. Learn how campuses deploy Bigbelly to create a beautiful, clean, safe, and welcoming campus community
2. Learn how campuses deploy Bigbelly to reduce waste & recycling collections, maintenance costs, and reallocate valuable resources to more impactful tasks
3. Learn how campuses deploy Bigbelly to serve campus sustainability by introducing measurable recycling & compost programs and reducing GHG emissions
4. Learn how to assess your unique public space waste needs by location and create a right-sized solution

Brian Phillips, President & CEO, Bigbelly
Jeff Satwicz, VP Product Strategy & Innovation, Bigbelly

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