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APPA Webinar – Elevating the Campus Experience with a Fundamentally Better Bin 

Join APPA and Bigbelly for an interactive webinar where we explore how campuses deploy complete waste solutions and “a fundamentally better bin” to elevate their public spaces for a cleaner, smarter, and greener on-campus experience.

Busy, vibrant campuses face the full range of public space waste challenges, including:

  • Keeping spaces clean, safe, attractive, and complaint-free
  • Supporting staff with the right tools and resources to handle campus-wide maintenance tasks efficiently, beyond just waste management
  • Implementing accessible-yet-effective sustainability initiatives, while meeting and measuring sustainability goals
  • Creating an environment of campus pride personality, where current students love and prospective students want to belong

With ‘a Bigbelly for Everywhere’, campuses create custom, right-sized deployments that meet the unique needs of each location: dorms & residential areas, dining halls, stadiums and entertainment venues, walking paths, quads, and parks. They leverage Bigbelly to revolutionize their campuses, creating cleaner, smarter, and greener spaces: 

  • Cleaner Spaces: By eliminating windblown litter and waste overflows, Bigbelly’s fundamentally better bin creates cleaner, more beautiful public spaces on campus
  • Better Communities: Customizable graphic wraps and message panels promote campus initiatives, resulting in a more informed, more engaged community
  • Reduced Rats & Pests: Fully enclosed bins eliminate a major food source for rats and other pests, reducing their population where Bigbelly is deployed
  • Reduced Collections: By reducing the frequency of waste collection, campuses save time and reduce disruptions from waste collection activities
  • Public Space Recycling & Zero Waste: Multi-stream capabilities Bigbelly’s CLEAN™ software platform brings sustainability to the forefront and helps campuses implement uniform recycling programs and achieve and zero-waste goals

In this webinar, learn about the game-changing innovations launched this year, and about the inspired colleges and universities nationwide who are making their spaces All Together Better.

Presenter: Jeff Satwicz, VP Product Strategy & Innovation, Bigbelly

4 Key Learning Objectives:

  1. All Together Cleaner: Learn how campuses deploy Bigbelly’s fundamentally better bin and diverse public space waste solution to create clean, safe, beautiful, and welcoming campus environment
  2. All Together Smarter: Learn how campuses reduce collections, reduce maintenance costs, and reallocate valuable resources with Bigbelly’s smart, connected bins
  3. All Together Greener: Learn how campuses implement uniform recycling programs, reduce cross-stream contamination, reduce environmental pollution, and measure progress toward their sustainability goals

Jeff Satwicz, VP Product Strategy & Innovation, Bigbelly

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