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APPA Webinar – The Benefits of Drones in Evaluating the Building Enclosure

Investigating and evaluating the building enclosure can be challenging due to access issues. Closely observing multi-story buildings, steep sloped roofs, steeples, and spires can be very difficult, and it is often necessary to utilize man lifts, high-reach equipment, scaffolding, adjacent buildings or roofs, and binoculars. Setting up man lifts and scaffolding equipment is costly, time-consuming, and may temporarily block occupants from accessing the building.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has recently adopted procedures and certifications for the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs)/Drones for hobby and business use. (UAS)/Drones can capture real-time, high-resolution video and photographs, and reduce the time and money it takes to perform a typical evaluation. Drones can quickly elevate and fly to the highest edges of a building in a matter of seconds. The ability to view these heights from the safety of the ground is a huge advantage for the observer. This presentation will detail the pros and cons of drone use on facilities, privacy issues, and FAA Regulations. The presentation will also include sample videos and images.

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