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APPA Webinar – The Value of Active Space Management: Warehouse Space

Florida State University recognized the need to better understand their warehouse inventory and the processes and workstreams that support it, as they face some space related challenges on campus. Storage space is often one of the first things value-engineered out of a capital project. This decision then shifts the pressure to alternative locations that may or may not be prepared to support the emerging campus demand. Active management, by representative invested parties, utilizing the right processes and technology can optimize existing warehouse and storage space for today as they work to develop the solutions the campus needs long term.

Learning Outcomes
• Engage relevant stakeholders in a conversation to determine what warehouse and/or storage space is available and where, who has access to it and why and who has unmet needs.
• Gather the relevant details about the existing space through space management documentation, conversations with the occupants of the space, and a tour of the environment to recognize, at a high level, the type and value of items stored.
• Develop procedures and processes to more effectively address the unmet campus needs.
• Identify the institutional priorities for on-campus storage environments for example emergency management equipment and supplies.

Mitch Kilcrease, Assistant Vice President for Business Services, Florida State University
Carolyn E. Farley, Director, Huron Consulting Group

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