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Best Practice: Interlocking Pavements

Presented by the Professional Grounds Management Society

Best Practice for the Maintenance of Interlocking Concrete Pavements

Presented by Robert S. Bowers, Vice President of Engineering Hardscapes for the Concrete Masonry and Hardscape Association (CMHA) 

Join Robert Bowers, P. Eng., to discuss best practices for the maintenance of interlocking concrete pavement (ICP). The presentation will start with recommended preventative and winter maintenance practices. Attendees will be shown the different types of distresses they may encounter in interlocking concrete pavements and the possible remedies available. The presentation will finish with restorative maintenance, detailing recommended practices for disassembly and reinstatement. This webinar is based on the information contained in Tech Spec 6: Operation and Maintenance of Interlocking Concrete Pavement.

Core Competency: Technical Management – Non-Horticulture

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