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Building Performance Standards in Higher Education: A Workshop Series

Existing Building Policies and Higher Education: What Institutions Need to Know and How They Can Make an Impact >> Oct. 24, Nov. 2, and Nov.16 REGISTER On behalf of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Sustainable Endowments Institute, we invite you to attend a series of three virtual workshops on Existing Building Policies and Higher Education.

More than a dozen Building Performance Standards (BPS) policies have already been adopted in cities, counties, and states across the U.S., requiring substantial reductions in building energy consumption and carbon emissions. Hundreds of colleges and universities now need to develop plans to get their buildings in compliance with these new requirements, or potentially face significant penalties. BPS policies will soon become a reality for many more institutions, with more than 30 jurisdictions pledging to adopt policies as part of the White House’s National Building Performance Standards Coalition.

Each session will cover a different topic:

Session 1: Policy Overview
October 24, 1–2:30 pm EST
•    Description: A background on existing building policies in the U.S.

Session 2: Engaging with Upcoming BPS Policies
November 2, 1–2:30 pm EST
•    Description: How the requirements can be designed and implemented to better align with higher ed’s business realities.

Session 3: Planning for Compliance with Current BPS Policies
November 16, 1–2:30 pm EST
•    Description: How college and university leaders can prepare for these policies as they are adopted (E.g., by integrating them into their campus decarbonization plans and operationalizing compliance). The webinars will feature guest speakers from local government and higher education institutions.

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