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Building Technology Fundamentals: Retrofit & Design Applications for Wellness, Efficiency & Flexibility

In 2023, buildings and the systems that run them have come into renewed focus by all stakeholders. Owners must both consider tenant expectations to improve air quality and amenities, while also considering the impact hybrid work is having on their bottom line. Tenants want spaces and technologies that both provide teams a reason to come to the office and improve their experience working there. And architects and engineers must grapple with the crushing demand to redesign existing buildings to meet these new needs, while they design the buildings of the future.

This course teaches how building technology can be used to meet the needs of owners, tenants, architects, and engineers in all building projects, from new designs to retrofits of existing properties, to make them healthier, financially sustainable, and adaptable. Attendees will emerge with access to holistic strategies to apply to their projects.

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