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Creating Shared Value Through Water

This webinar will cover industry trends, as well as new, cutting-edge technologies, covering the following:

·       Kuriverter® IK-110 for reverse osmosis (RO) systems: This patented product is a biological control agent that specifically targets biofilm, encouraging it to release from surfaces in bulk water. This helps you decrease costs and restore and maintain permeate flow.

·       Cetamine® for boilers, cooling, and closed loops: This innovative technology uses film-forming amines (FFA) to create a hydrophobic protective film, establishing a continuous barrier between water and metal that effectively inhibits corrosion without affecting heat transfer.

·       DReeM Polymer™ for boilers: This award-winning technology has the ability to remove silica and hardness scale from boiler surfaces up to four times more efficiently than conventional polymers, which reduces fuel use and CO2 emissions.

·       Cooling Tower Blowdown Recovery (CTBR) for cooling: This unique integrated system for wastewater reclamation conserves freshwater by increasing the reuse of cooling tower blowdown up to 80% for use as make-up water, helping you reduce operating costs and minimizing the environmental footprint of a facility.

·       S.sensing® CS for liquid-solid separation (LSS): This state-of-the-art monitoring system uses laser-based technology to accurately analyze and automatically adjust water treatment dosage, reducing labor costs and surcharges and creating consistent effluent quality.

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